Eileen Brown and Dr. Ayesha Verrall for Capital and Coast DHB

Eileen Brown

I was elected to Capital Coast DHB in 2016 and now have three years’ experience on the CCDHB Board.  I have a nursing background, health management and policy experience, a detailed knowledge of the health system and strong community connections and other past governance experience.  I’m standing again for the CCDHB and am well-equipped to represent this region’s population and their expectations of excellent health services and outcomes. The big investment in health by Labour coming into Government in 2017 has resulted in a welcome focus on equity and better access to health care. There are improvements needed still, especially in mental health, children’s health services and primary health care. My commitment is to work for the DHB strengthening its democratic and participation processes and to ensure excellent health services and outcomes for people in this DHB region.

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Dr. Ayesha Verrall

Ayesha is an infectious diseases specialist at Wellington Hospital and Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago’s Wellington’s medical school. Ayesha is active in initiatives to prevent illness, including through providing expert advice to government and PHARMAC on vaccines, outbreaks and disease control. If elected, Ayesha will bring this same focus to the Board, to ensure we take every opportunity to keep people healthy because prevention is better than cure. As a Labour candidate Ayesha believes passionately that services should be appropriate and accessible, whatever your gender, ethnicity or postcode. Staff should have the resources and support to deliver good care and communication. Ayesha lives in Brooklyn with her partner and 5 year old daughter.

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