Lynda McGregor

Eastern Ward candidate for Wellington City Council


Two words that best describe Lynda in politics are “social justice”.  Defined as fairness, compassion, bravery and honesty.

Lynda’s first conscious memory of social injustice was at the age of eight.  With her father in their shop in Wainuiomata.  Unwrapping the evening newspapers, the cover, Bastion Point, surrounded by police, 25 May 1978. 

A dark time that set the course for a future role in advocacy.    

Lynda is smart, bright and sassy.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Passionate about politics, fashion, art, sport and life.  Lyall Bay local, single parent to Max and Arabella. 

Bidding farewell to 20 years in the public sector, Lynda now works as an advocate, deciphering policy and legislation to support people to understand how government works.

For a strong, local voice for the Eastern Ward, vote Lynda McGregor for City Council


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