Peter Gilberd

Northern Ward candidate for Wellington City Council

Peter Gilberd

My name is Peter Gilberd, and I would like to be your City Councillor in the Northern Ward, to stand up for local people and our environment.

I am a born and bred Wellingtonian, attending Onslow College and spending most of my adult life in Johnsonville and Newlands.

I’ve worked as a scientist and as a research funding manager, and I’ve led community projects to plant more than 20,000 native trees in our area.

Now I would like to be your City Councillor so I can stand up for the Northern Ward and make sure we continue to get the infrastructure, jobs and support we need.

I’ll work for better housing, cheaper transport, more support for community facilities and enhancement of our local environment.

I’ll work tirelessly to give a voice to local people and advocate for your concerns.

For a strong, local voice for the Northern Ward, vote Peter Gilberd for City Council

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