Justin Lester's Plan for Wellington

Our vision for Wellington

We want Wellington to be the place of the possible: the coolest, most liveable, and fairest little capital in world.

We want residents and visitors to love Wellington for its creativity, quirkiness, compassion, vibrancy, and connection to nature.

Our plan for taking care of Wellington and its people

Our plan for Wellington is big. It continues the action we’ve already taken to look after what we’ve got now and make it better for the generations of Wellingtonians to come.

These 10 points summarise what we want Wellington to be...

1. More resilient

Our hilly harbour city is vulnerable to earthquakes and climate change. We’re improving disaster management and recovery. And we’re working with communities to understand the best way to respond to climate change.

2. Easy to get around

We want people to be able move around our city safely and easily, on foot, bike, scooter, car, bus, or train. Our plans for the transport network balance environmental, social, and economic impact.

3. Known for its natural environment

The natural environment is a great part of Wellington’s appeal. We’re looking after it with strategies for lowering emissions, increasing green space, planting, managing pests, and improving access to land and sea trails.

4. A thriving living wage city

We’re creating the conditions for Wellington’s economy to grow by investing in infrastructure (land, sea, and air) and supporting local businesses. We expect the jobs that come from that growth to pay living wages—so everyone benefits.

5. A place where homes are secure

Our Housing First approach aims for every Wellingtonian to live in an affordable, warm, dry, and safe home. We are partnering with government and social agencies and the private sector to increase the housing supply of housing.  

6. A city of culture and creativity

We honour the Treaty of Waitangi. We want to be a bilingual city that understands and acknowledges the history of Māori settlement in the city.

Our reputation for the arts draws visitors from all over the world, and we’re supporting that with new venues, events, and public spaces. We want to increase access to arts and cultural experiences for visitors and locals.

7. The capital of community

We strive for resilient communities where people feel they belong, no matter who they are and where they come from. We will continue to use participatory approaches that ensure services meet community needs, and make Wellington a safe and healthy place to be.

8. A place to play sport and enjoy activity

We want a city where it is easy for people to be fit and active, whether they enjoy social or elite sporting activity. We’ll continue to offer programmes that make facilities more accessible financially. We also have plans for a sports hub and more bike and sea trails.

9. Engaged with people

Wellingtonians have ideas and aspirations for our city—we want to create more chances for sharing those ideas and hearing from communities, schools, and special interest groups.

10. well governed

We are committed to responsible and transparent governance of the city. We will share our vision, plans, and budget. Wellingtonians are entitled to understand our vision for the city.

We will:

  • Work with elected Councillors to agree a three year vision for Wellington.
  • Provide a draft annual plan and budget for 2019/20 by 31 January 2020.
  • Establish the Wellington City Council governance and committee structure.
  • Investigate the formation of a Regional Transport Authority to improve the delivery of transport and public transport needs for the region.
  • Provide quarterly reporting for the City Growth Fund.
  • Establish a CCO monitoring committee to oversee performance of Council controlled operations.
  • Establish a Grants Committee to oversee arts, environmental, social and cultural grants.
  • Meet with CCO Chairs to agree the Council’s three-year vision.