Teri O'Neill for Motukairangi Eastern Ward

The Eastern Ward is my home. It’s where I grew up, where I went to school and where I got my first job. Over the last four years Motukairangi is where I’ve worked and served our community to make things a little bit easier. Our community is compassionate, vibrant, and growing, but we are not without our issues. I’m incredibly proud of this community, and I’m prepared to put in the work, which is why I’ve decided to run for Wellington City Council. Over the last four years, I’ve fought hard for the people of our city to have things a little bit better. Going into politics wasn’t really in the plan for me, but after seeing the need for effective and compassionate representation for our people, I figured it was time to step up.

Our community is an amazing place to live, but we’ve still got problems that need solving.  My vision is one of a more accessible city, where the houses are warm, the city is safe and we have a transport system that work for everyone.

My vision

Housing for everyone

Nobody in Wellington should be homeless. People I grew up with that lived in the Council flats are now sleeping on the streets. Homelessness is an extremely complex issue, but I know we can do a lot more to solve it. Our homes have to be healthy too. My brother developed severe asthma from the mold in the walls and the windows we couldn’t afford to insulate. Everyone deserves to live in a warm, dry, safe home - that’s what I’ll work for.

A transport network that works

I’ll work with Metlink to get things moving. The discussion of our bus issues over the last few months has been of a system that’s inflexible, that can never be fixed. Public transport is an accessibility issue, and accessibility is something that really matters to me. We’ve got a stretched out ward relying on a transport network that doesn’t work for us.

A safe and accessible ward

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community, and to feel like they can access their community. I’ll build on the great work Council is already doing in city safety, and make sure accessibility is baked in to everything we do.

My values

Local government really matters, and we’ve got a great opportunity to improve the lives of so many people. For our whānau, for everyone in our community, things like the Living Wage, discounted bus fares, and a decent public transport system make massive differences. This is the kind of kaupapa our Council can and should get behind - I’ll make sure they do.

My values come from a place of compassion and understanding of many walks of life. Growing up near social housing, with a community facing issues of unsafe homes, homelessness, and inaccessible services, it was sometimes a struggle to get by. The O’Neills are brought up valuing every opportunity and sharing fortune wherever we can. Family is really important to me.

My values are our values: compassion, kindness, resilience. Strong communities. Celebrating diversity. Lifting everyone up.

I’m proud to have put these values in to action. I’ve lobbied Council for a Living Wage, a safer city, and ambitious housing plans. For the last four years, I’ve worked hard for a fairer, kinder Wellington.

I’m running for Wellington City Council in Motukairangi Eastern Ward because it’s time for our ward to have a Councillor that cares. It’s time for a Councillor who’ll work hard for better housing, fairer transport, and a safer city. A Councillor who reflects the values of respect and inclusiveness that our community is built on. With your help, I hope to be that person.

Together, we can build a stronger, kinder, and fairer Eastern Ward.

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